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Biodata of Tzuyu TWICE Kpop

This is Biodata, profile, and facts about TZUYU.Chou Tzu-yu (Chinese: pinyin: Zhōu Zǐyú; Hangul: born in Tainan, Taiwan, June 14, 1999; age 21 years), better...


Biodata of AOA Kpop Member

Biodata, profiles, and complete facts of the AOA Kpop music group. AOA is a girl group that has long been known in South Korea. This girl group debuted on...


Biodata of Kwon Nara Kpop

Biodata, profile, and complete facts of Kwon Nara Kpop. Being a member of the girl band Hello Venus is the first step for Kwon Nara to set foot in the world of...