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Biography and Photos of VIINI Kpop.Viini or known as Kwon Hyunbin is a model from South Korea under the auspices of the YGKPlus agency. Viini will debut solo under YGX on August 19, 2019, with a mini-album entitled ‘DIMENSION’.

Hyunbin is known as a trainee for the Mnet survival event, Produce 101 Season 2, and a member of the project group JBJ. In Produce 101 Season 2 itself, Hyunbin was eliminated in episode 10 with a ranking of 22 overall.

Before joining Produce 101 Season 2, Hyunbin was a trainee for 3 months. His appearance on the show at the beginning of the episode amazed the other participants because he had a tall and handsome body.

Thanks to the support from fans, he and other JBJ members were able to debut as a project group under the LOEN Entertainment agency. However, they had to disband on April 30, 2018, by their contract.

Because of his hobby of uploading photos on Instagram, Viini was awarded as “Account With Most Growth” by Instagram Korea in 2017.

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To know more clearly about Viini’s life, you can listen to the following biodata and facts.

Biodata and Profile

  • Real Name: Kwon Hyunbin
  • Stage Name: Viini, Hyunbin
  • Place, Date of Birth: Seoul, March 4, 1997
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Education: Aoba Japan International School, Jungkyung High School, Seokyeong University
  • Parents’ name: –
  • Sibling: –
  • Zodiac: Pisces
  • Height: 187 cm
  • Weight: 66 kg
  • Blood Type: B
  • Profession: Singer, Model
  • Active Year: 2017 – present
  • Instagram account: @komurola
  • Twitter Account: @VINIHBofficial
  • Facebook: –


  • Viini lived in Tokyo to study and he once joined the baseball team at Aoba-Japan International School. After returning to Korea, he studied at Jungkyung High School as a fencing athlete who was finally selected to represent the fencing tournament for the youth class. Shortly after, he had to retire from fencing due to a thigh injury and return to being a normal high school student.
  • Can speak Korean, Japanese, and English.
  • Started working as a model in 2015 by joining the YGKPlus agency. There she became the youngest model in her agency.
  • Has appeared in magazines GQ Korea, Lookbook, and The Growing.
  • Became a trainee in Produce 101 Season 2 and was ranked 22nd overall.
  • Get the opportunity to debut in the project group JBJ with Taehyun, Kenta, Donghan, Sanggyun, and Longguo under the agency Fave/LOEN Entertainment. At JBJ, he got the position as the lead rapper from October 18, 2017, until the group disbanded on April 30, 2018.
  • A.P Himchan and Jongup are close friends.
  • His hobby is uploading photos on social media and his expertise is acting and writing rap lyrics.
  • He was part of Temporary Idol, a co-ed group of the Netflix kdrama of the same name.
  • Join CODE ONE, the basketball team for Korean models.
  • f(x)’s Krystal is her idol.
  • Viini is left-handed but he can imitate sounds well.
  • One of his desires is to build his brand.
  • Regular member on variety shows such as OnStyle’s ‘Travel Report’ (2018), JTBC’s ‘Live A Nice Life’ (2018), MBC’s ‘Dunia: Into a New World’ (2018), JTBC’s ‘Try It’ (2019).
  • For his solo debut this time, he opened a Youtube channel with the name VIINI (권현빈) Official

Hyunbin recently changed his stage name to Viini for his debut mini-album, DIMENSION.

Viini’s Photos :

1.Viini’s model soul came out during the DAZED Korea magazine photoshoot

VIINI poto 1

(Photo: Twitter/viinihbofficial)

2.Beautifully towering tall posture, Viini is very suitable to be a model

VIINI poto 2

(photo: instagram/komurola)

3.The interaction between Viini and her cat makes her nervous

VIINI poto 3

(photo: instagram/komurola)

4.Coming from a YG agency makes Viini look good with swag style

VIINI poto 4

(photo: instagram/komurola)

5. Viini in action as a runway model

VIINI poto 5

(photo: tribunnews)

Those were the biodata, profiles, and facts of Viini. Don’t forget to support this handsome model from YGKPlus, too.

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