Biodata Of Hyosung (Secret) Kpop

Biodata, profile, and complete facts about Hyosung Kpop. Jun Hyo-Seong, known by his stage name Hyoseong, is a South Korean singer and dancer. He is known as the leader of the girl group Secret. In 2005, he became a finalist of Mnet’s “Battle Shinhwa” which led him to sign a contract with Good Entertainment

Hyosung (SECRET)

Biodata :

  • Name: Jeon Hyo Sung

  • Real Name: Jeon Hyo Sung

  • Profession: Singer, model, MC

  • Height: 160 cm

  • Weight:45 kg

  • Date of Birth: October 13, 1989

  • Place of Birth: South Korea

  • Agency: TS Entertainment

  • Favorite Actress: Shinhwa and Beyonce


  1. Jun Hyosung’s name was taken because when he was born, his father and grandfather saw a falling star (hyoseong).

  2. Hyosung is the 2nd of 3 sisters

  3. Hyosung’s family used to be difficult, every morning when she was in 3rd grade she was a newspaper delivery girl.

  4. While reading the newspaper, he was almost kidnapped by a woman.

  5. When he was in 6th grade, Hyosung was already popular with his friends

  6. Since childhood he likes to dance, and likes to appear in front of his friends

  7. Hyosung’s friends support Hyosung to become a star.

  8. When Hyosung was in middle school, she led her school dance club

  9. He works hard to earn money for audition needs

  10. Hyosung’s first audition of dancing BOA – Valenti, and winning 1st place, the prize was given to his parents.

  11. After that Hyosung was advised to audition for ‘Battle Shinwa’

  12. Hyosung was recruited by Good Entertainment with Yubin (Wonder Girls), Uee (After School), G.Na (solo), Jin-woo (Ex T-Ara).

  13. In 2008 Hyosung broke up with his girlfriend a few days before Christmas.

  14. His father died when he was in Seoul.

  15. Hyosung has the criteria for all Idol girl groups.

  16. According to him dancing is an effective way to diet.

  17. ‘Bias Gummy’ & ‘eye-smile’ are his nicknames.

  18. Passive English.

  19. Hyosung is good at managing money

  20. It’s easy to cry.

  21. Selca’s Habit

  22. It’s nice to be called sexy

  23. His habit of turning off the lights in the dorm

  24. As a leader, he asked TS for a salary for Secret

  25. Hyosung’s dream apart from being a singer is to become a domestic art teacher

  26. Hyosung “Acting is hard”

  27. The soles of the feet are flat

  28. His eyes are strong for a few minutes~

  29. Hyosung’s laugh is called ‘Hot Hyot’, Hyosung’s cry is called ‘Hoogu Hoogu’

  30. Kim Soroo The first artist he asked for his phone number other than member secret.

  31. Likes mature men

  32. Hyosung is proud of her gummy smile

  33. Hyosung studied at Inha . University

  34. The best Aegyo ahjumma or sexy girl sexy

  35. Hyosung wants to meet Kang Dong Won

  36. Hyo’s habit, when she sleeps she likes to throw dolls or whatever into Hana’s bed, it’s under Hyo

  37. Hyo likes to describe the taste of food, even though the members are on a diet

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