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Here’s a biodata, profile, and unique facts about SHAUN.SHAUN is a South Korean DJ, songwriter, music producer who originally debuted in 2010 as a keyboardist and backup singer of the indie rock band The Koxx.

SHAUN was recently known for his solo song “Way Back Home” which unexpectedly topped the South Korean charts like Melon in a relatively short time.

Therefore, SHAUN is called to do sajaegi or chart manipulation because he managed to top the chart beating famous groups such as TWICE’s “Dance the Night Away” and BLACKPINK’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU”.

However, SHAUN’s agency, DCTOM Entertainment, immediately denied these rumors and said that the artist’s success was not the result of chart manipulation but from the way, the agency did marketing the song so that the song could go viral so that it became more popular and stayed at the top of the Korean charts.

After being investigated by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of South Korea, the rumors turned out to be false. SHAUN’s song is indeed popular and many people listen to it because it has an audible tone and SHAUN’s soft voice.



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To know more about this DJ, you can listen to the following biodata and facts.

Biodata & Profile

  • Real Name: Kim Yun-ho
  • Stage Name: SHAUN
  • Place, Date of Birth: South Korea, January 12, 1990
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Education: –
  • Parents’ name: –
  • Sibling: –
  • Zodiac: Capricorn
  • Height: –
  • Weight: –
  • Blood group: –
  • Profession: Singer, DJ, songwriter, music producer
  • Active Year: 2010 – present
  • Instagram account: @password0123456789a
  • Twitter Accounts: –
  • Facebook: –


  • Famous for his solo song “Way Back Home” which topped the Korean music charts on July 17, 2018, by defeating popular K-pop groups such as BTS, TWICE, and BLACKPINK.
  • Way Back Home became No. 1 on Korean music platforms such as Melon, Genie, Olleh Music and became the top 3 on Bugs and Apple Music in Korea.
  • After going viral on music charts, many accused SHAUN of doing sajaegi (chart manipulation) but he and his agency denied it because they didn’t do it and only used their way to make the song viral with Facebook promotions.
  • Many people called SHAUN at first the second Nilo in Korea but he said that the rumors were false and he only made music and songs as a musician.
  • Fans started posting on social media like Instagram and Facebook SHAUN’s live shows at clubs and festivals. After that, he became more and more famous and gained exposure on TV and digital trend charts.
  • SHAUN works as a music producer for major K-pop artists such as EXO, f(x), Epik High, BTS, and others. He is also active as a DJ at major club shows and dance festivals in Korea.
  • Has appeared as a DJ in Mnet’s survival DJ program “Headliner” in the summer of 2015.
  • Together with EXO, he produced the opening song for EXO’s concert VCR and guitar BGM on Kai’s stage song “Deep Breath”.
  • SHAUN collaborated with EXO last at the closing ceremony of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics with a remix of the song “Power”.
  • He likes animals, even on his Instagram account he often shows off his togetherness with his pets, dogs, and cats.
  • Successfully beat Red Velvet on Music Bank thanks to the popularity of the song “Way Back Home”.
  • Thanks to the song “Way Back Home” he won the Best Indie award at the 2018 Korean Popular Music Awards.

The name SHAUN is now no longer only known as a DJ and music producer, but now he is also increasingly known as an indie singer who is popular in South Korea.

Many did not expect the song “Way Back Home” by SHAUM to be able to make him several times nominated as a winner of Korean music awards. However, if you look at his background, which has been in the music world for a long time, there is no need to use his abilities anymore.

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