Baby Hair Bows That Look Best On Pictures

Swimming Pool Cakes - Avoid real water, we guarantee! Picture this: the highest cake layer made to appear as if an endless swimming pool area. This can be done by way of cutting the absolute best square edge off of the wedding cake (like a the router would create the edge associated with a wooden table), to mimic an endless combine. Figurines from the bride and even groom's heads is often sticking out with the top of the pool area, with colours and sunhats concerning, holding drinks of course!

It is estimated that it can cost up to $80 per guest at a wedding. Having said that, if you use my tips you won't be spending anything like that, but the fact remains, when you pay the bill, it will be far less to pay for 80 people than it will to pay for 300! So keep your guest list to a minimum.

The wedding invitations should be there with you at least two months prior to the wedding so that you get time to mail them and the receiver also gets the time to plan accordingly. Outstation people have to plan their trip, so you need to send across the invitations much in advance to these people. If you are on a tight budget and you cannot courier the invitation, try sending it through normal post. Find out the cost of outstation deliveries. The concept of save the date cards has become very handy and your friends and relatives who stay abroad are able to plan in a better fashion.

Beach weddings can be destination or fairytale weddings. You might want to incorporate a romantic destination into your beach wedding idea. Maybe you want to start the honeymoon early and spend two weeks on an island with only your closest friends and family. If a large wedding isn't for you, having a destination wedding is a good way to create a more intimate experience without hurting the feelings of those who did not get invited.

Dolphin Bottle Opener Favors. These clever Dolphin bottle openers makes a perfect wedding favor that arrives with its own gift box, that sure to impress your wedding guests. You don't have to think of adding anything to make them presentable, instead you can simply place them at each place setting as your thank you gifts for guests. Perfect for a beach wedding, these Dolphin bottle opener favors makes a wonderful keepsake that is worth to treasure for years!

"This year's couple, like many others who recycle, shop for organic food and conserve energy at home, want to symbolise their commitment to earth-conscious values by simplifying their wedding day celebrations,” commented Derede Samuel Whitlock, the USA Director of Tourism for Antigua & Barbuda.

When you go for the idea of homemade wedding invitations, you can have a full control on the design of the cards. You can even add a lot of handmade elements to the design. This cannot be done easily if you order the cards outside.

Though only founded two years ago, Bordure Events has become an established name in the wedding planning industry in no time; one that promises to create beautiful, sophisticated and memorable. Bordure recommends venues, provides you with talented photographers, flower décor & accessories, wedding invitations and all there is you need to make your wedding an unforgettable day.

What could be more whimsical then a garden setting for a bridal shower? If the bride loves flowers, consider hosting the shower either in someone's already lovely garden area or at a local botanical garden. To modernize the shower, instead of drinking tea and eating cucumber sandwiches, consider a mid-afternoon filled with champagne cocktails pared with strawberries, chocolate, and angel food cake, after a stroll through the garden.